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FGD steel industry vigorously

FGD steel industry vigorously

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2018/10/12 15:58
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Abstract:  Policyemergenttechnicalbarriersimprove.Inflexion  Intheenvironmentalprotectionindustrydevelopmentneverareinseparablefromthesupportofnationalpolicy.Nowadays,policyexpectedtocash,desulfurizat


  Policy emergent technical barriers improve. Inflexion

  In the environmental protection industry development never are inseparable from the support of national policy. Nowadays, policy expected to cash, desulfurization enterprises will face a development opportunity.


  For the implementation of the steel industry adjust and revitalization plan "(the country is sent [2009] 6), ministry of industry and information organization has formulated the steel industry sintering flue gas desulfurization implementation plan" (verse letter department work [2009] 340,), and in 2009 July 30, implementation, implement issued a formal deadline for 2009-2011.


  The steel industry adjust and revitalize the planning "pointed out that, for the next three years, the steel industry should implement steel industry technology progress and technical reformation special, on sintering flue gas desulfurization etc circular economy and saving technology, giving emphasis to the key support, and large and medium-sized steel enterprises, energy saving and emission reduction put forward definite index requirements.


  The plan "regulation of 30% in active sintering machine before the end of 2011 construction desulphurizing installations. At present, our country's existing sintering machine more than 500 sets, a total area of sintering machine, production capacity of 53820m2 58950 tons, average single-user sintering machine 122m2 area.


  By the end of May 2009 China had built.based sintering flue gas desulfurization equipment, realize the desulfurization of 35 sets of machines, 40 sintering machine is only 6312m2, total sintering machine form sintering flue gas desulfurization ability 8.2 million tons.


  According to relevant statistics, the 2008 national key statistics steelmakers sulphur dioxide about 110 million tons, including sintering sulphur dioxide, about 80 million tons of existing desulphurization ability only can satisfy the demand of 10%.


  The plan "make clear further proposes nearly 3 years emissions reduction targets: May 2009 at the end of the sintering flue gas desulfurization ability has formed the basis of 8.2 million tons, until 2011, add sintering machine, accounting for approximately 15800m2 desulfurization area 30% of total active sintering machine, forming desulphurization ability 20 tons.


  Among them, 2009 formation, 40,000 tons, YangQi desulphurization ability of 2 million tons; 2010 desulphurization ability 11.5 million tons, YangQi 4.6 million tons; 2011 complete desulphurization ability 45,000 tons, YangQi 3.4 million tons.


  In measure, when the Yangtze river securities market capacity 000783, shares it) (LiXing will analysts active sintering machine and new sintering machine two circumstances respectively consider.


  For active sintering machine desulfurization markets, according to the plan of the new regulation, three years of sintering desulfurization area of 15800m2. Reference by 2009 May have been built up the sintering desulfurization project, and 40 sets of realizing the desulfurization of sintering machine is only 6312m2, namely a total area of over the area approximately every platform for 160m2.


  According to the current calculation, the project has been built LiXing expected future three years active sintering desulfurization will build 100 pieces. 2009-2011 respectively for 20, 50, 30 sets.


  Besides active sintering desulfurization, but also must consider new sintering machine synchronous installation construction desulphurizing installations. The state of the iron and steel industry in the future development plan for the general idea of "helped big pressure small", LiXing think steel industry in backward productivity meanwhile will continue with new equipment, as well as complete large-scale trend.


  According to the steel industry researcher prediction: a conservative estimate, future three years the rate of growth of new equipment for steel by 10%. At present, 53820m2 sintering covers an area of expected future annually for 5500m2 sintering area. Considering the enlarged equipment tendency, average single-user sintering area for the next three years 250m2 hypothesis, annually sintering machine for 22 sets, the number three years accumulative total 66 stage.


  Comprehensive above analysis, future three years and building new sintering machine active sintering machine installation construction of desulphurization system is expected to total 166 stage. Reference at present already construction project cost, the unit cost medium-large sintering machine is about 50 to 80 million yuan, future three years the desulfurization of total market capacity sintering for about 85 million to 130 million yuan.


  But because the flue gas and electric sintering biggish distinction, therefore, from the technology choice and desulfurization technology perspective, sintering desulfurization market will differ from thermal power desulfurization market.


  "The plan" shows that Chinese steel industry sintering smoke components complex, volatility is larger, the extent increased steel sintering waste gas sulphur dioxide governance of difficulty. Due to thermal power and sintering waste gas of great differences between the two will be used for heat-engine plant flue gas desulfurization technology directly applied in sintering flue gas desulfurization successful less likely.


  Therefore, in sintering machine desulfurization industry faces competition pattern is completely different from thermal power desulfurization industry, the market participants will face a much higher technical barriers, and if no successful implementation of project cases of words, will be more difficult to enter the market, therefore, participate in sintering machine desulfurization industry competitors facing market, will be a competitive level relative ease many market.


  Academic research suggests that smoke circulating fluidized bed dry process is more suitable for use in sintering machine desulfurization project. As things stand, in the listed company engaged in dry process of listed companies in only three, namely: dragon net environmental protection, Heidi power and Kowloon under CLP power substation to reach.


  Data suggest that at present domestic has entered the market the enterprise desulfurization sintering machine, including a dozen have six has successfully powerstation performance, The other six is currently contracted for one or two projects.


  Among them, the success of the existing enterprise (or units) are: dragon net environmental protection, wuhan urban environmental protection, zhejiang shamrock desulfurization dusting company, Chinese academy of sciences environment engineering, institute of Beijing science and technology university environmental engineering institute, Beijing catic teda technology companies.


  Are the sintering desulfurization project construction enterprise (or units) are: dalian green Enoch, hunan green environmental protection, MCC northern engineering, hunan YongQing desulfurization, chengdu, west China chemical industry research institute, sinosteel equipment and the asia-pacific environmental protection company.


  In addition, we also noted: building materials, chemical industry, nonferrous metal, petrochemical industry total so2 emissions are currently of steel industry, China 2.6 times desulfurization career just taken a step


  Workers believe section for steel industry vigorously developing the flue gas desulfurization


  Ministry of industry and information has officially published steel industry sintering flue gas desulfurization implementation plan ", according to the plan put forward the goal, 2011 steel industry sintering waste gas discharge sulfur dioxide does not exceed 6.45 tons, key large and medium-sized enterprises ton sulfur dioxide emissions -- less than 1.8 kilograms.


  Scheme, points out that the current of steel industry in flue gas desulfurization there still exist some problems such as lack of mature sintering desulfurization technology, by-products utilization way less, desulphurizing installations big investment and operating cost is high, the effective supervision and insufficient.


  The desulfurization goal is presented, in late May 2009 sintering flue gas desulfurization ability has formed the basis of 8.2 million tons of steel industry, before the end of 2011 new sintering machine 15800 square meters, with new desulfurization area sintering flue gas desulfurization ability 200,000 tons of central enterprises (including 10 thousand tons).


  Scheme, points out that to steel industry flue gas desulfurization strengthening policy support, one is to put steel sintering desulfurization project into key projects to support the energy saving and emission reduction, Relevant departments arrange technical reformation funds, will give priority to support the sintering desulfurization project. 2 it is encourages the use of various ways of financing construction sintering desulfurization project, if use BOO, BOT means such as construction and operation desulphurizing installations, actively promote pollution treatment marketization.


  Scheme demand increased on sintering desulphurization system of supervision. Various industrial departments should strengthen steel enterprises desulphurizing installations of acceptance work, and actively cooperate with the environmental protection department regularly issue local steel enterprise environmental protection compliance announcements.


  As we have learned, current steel industry sulfur dioxide consists mainly of sinter ball flue gas generation, sinter ball flue gas generated so2 emission of steel enterprises above 70% individual enterprise to 90%. Governance sintering waste gas mainly through the sulfur dioxide pollution in sintering machine install desulphurizing installations to complete. According to statistics, China's existing sintering machine more than 500 sets, a total area of sintering machine 53820 square meters; But so far this year, may realize the desulfurization of sintering machine only 40 sets of total, sintering machine 6312 square meters.

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