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Pollution Control Symposium held in Beijing idea

Pollution Control Symposium held in Beijing idea

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2018/10/12 15:59
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Abstract:  Strengthenparticulatepollutioncontrol,comprehensivelyimprovetheatmosphericenvironmentquality,"1025"period,ourcountrywillbeproposedtoatmosphericparticulatepollutioncontrolasoneofthefocalpoin


  Strengthen particulate pollution control, comprehensively improve the atmospheric environment quality, "1025" period, our country will be proposed to atmospheric particulate pollution control as one of the focal point of environmental protection work. For further clearly China atmospheric particulate pollution causes, control key, control measures and management evaluation mechanism, by the environmental protection department pollution prevention department commissioned, the environmental protection department environment GuiHuaYuan 2009 in Beijing on December 11, held "1025" organization atmospheric particulate pollution control thought seminar.


  Meeting from tifert WangJinNa deputy dean hosted, introduces the meeting objective and puts forward relevant requirements, pollution prevention department atmospheric place LiuZi attended the meeting. From universities, scientific research institutes, electric power, subordinates steel, cement enterprise expert, and our technical personnel more than 14 people attending the meeting. The meeting, concerned expert atmospheric particulate pollution control around foreign process and revelation, regional atmospheric particles pollution causes and countermeasures to prevent and control, urban atmospheric particulate pollution and control, power, cement, steel, industrial coal boiler industries particulates emissions control countermeasures as well as China's atmospheric particulate pollution control strategies discussed such topics are great speech. The experts agree that this conference is very timely, discussion results are expected to 1025 "for our country's" atmospheric particulate pollution control provides technical support.

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