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Complete Sewage Treatment Equipment

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Tangshan Rixin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., a professional environmental protection

enterprise, integrates development and production of environmental protection products and design,

construction, installation & debugging and operational management of environmental protection projects. In

2003, the company was registered in Tangshan, a century-old industrial city along the coast, with the

registered capital of 15 million Yuan. The company has the environmental engineering (sewage treatment

equipment RKH series, electric dust collector RPK series and bag-type dust collector RJHFC series)

environmental protection product certificates, Hi-tech product certificate (blast furnace dry method impulse

bag-type dust collector), building enterprise qualification certificate (second-grade professional contracting for

electromechanical equipment installation projects), (waste water and waste gas) special project design

second-grade qualification, environmental pollution treatment facility operational certificate, etc., and has

passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.


Its main operational fields cover: sewage sludge treatment (industrial waste water treatment,

municipal sewage treatment, sludge treatment and sewage/waste water recycling) projects

and smoke gas treatment(smoke gas dust removal, smoke gas sulfur removal and smoke gas

denitration), for example, technical research, consultation and design of environmental

treatment projects, supply of whole set of equipment, general contracting construction of

projects and operational management of projects of electric dust collector series, bag-type dust

collector series, cyclone dust collector series, wet type dust collector series, etc.


The Company has strong technical strength and a group of experienced technical staff with

intermediate and senior professional titles. In order to meet the demands for continuous

development of the company, the company puts the improvement of technical strength on the first

place, not only pays attention to improvement of its design technique capability as well as

introduction of advanced technique, but also keeps a long-term cooperation with many colleges

and universities and research institutions. Since its inception, the company has been insisting on

walking on the road of combining scientific and technical innovation, production practice and talent

cultivation, and keeps improving quality of its employees and enhancing team construction while

making full use of advantages of capital and technology.

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